Advertiser Sign-Up

logADS ad network offers solutions on pop ads market that combine intelligence, logistics, analysis, and optimization not only for advertisers, but also for the ad networks, leading to the best possible results.

Our constant challenge is converting visitors into buyers and with our technology we target your visitors more closely to the products or services you are marketing. We acquire our entire pop ads inventory directly from publishers, and advertisers can tag sites by site id. This allows us to better optimize our client’s campaigns.

logADS ad network has the best options to monetize your pop ads campaign while ensuring the best results. We are able to find top quality traffic for your campaign targeting a user base that will produce the best results.

A campaign manager will be with you for each step of the way, optimizing the traffic, while keeping you updated on your campaigns with logADS ad network.

Advertising with logADS pop ads network will give you aces to a lot of advertising options, settings and reports who can help you get the results you are expecting.


Targeting options:
• Geo target – all countries or particular advertising targeting
• Operating system target: desktop or mobile
• Channel target: a great number of categories and advertiser can choose from

Minimum Deposit
The minimum deposit is $50.
Payment processor: PayPal,Payoneer

Campaigns Approval
The advertising campaigns are activated in maximum 12h.

Advertising Model
CPV – Cost per view(pop-under ads) – starting from $0.001.

We do not accept websites with adult content, websites with illegal content and websites that proved to make use of malicious software that can be harmfull for network end-users.